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New Linkedin Profile: Header Background Size + Template [2016]

LinkedIn has now jumped on the "giant-sized header" trend bandwagon - but only Premium account holders can use this feature for now. Here's an example:

New LinkedIn Profile Example

This is your chance to enhance your own professional brand, and creatively express what you're all about.

LinkedIn Header Background Size + Template

Unfortunately, like Twitter, LinkedIn's recommended size for the cover photo is not really the size you should use or else it will crop out some parts of your background.

Here's the size I've used: 1600px in width x 375px in height, but you will need this template in order to determine which areas you should and shouldn't use:

Click the image above to download the template in PNG format. Or if you're looking for the PSD file, click here to download!

Please Read:

  • Make sure your image is under 4MB.
  • In this template, you MUST NOT add anything on the green-colored areas.
  • In the red-colored areas, you can still add elements on it but try not to add anything VERY important. These parts may not be seen on some screen sizes .

Another note: Once you upload your own header, the original quality will lose a.k.a your your header image will look ugly and blurry, so save your design in its highest quality.

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