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How To Limit Skype Calls To Contacts Only

Everybody loves Skype! The world's most preferred web application for video calls and messaging just got better. Given the large digital footprint we leave online while browsing the web, malicious strangers can easily avail personal information to lure new and young users into revealing inappropriate details especially during video sessions.


  1. Launch Skype and log in to your Skype account with your username and password.
  2. Login
  3. On the menu bar, point on ‘Tools’ and click on ‘Options’ from the submenu.
  4. Option
  5. Once a new window opens, find and click on the ‘Privacy’ tab on the left-hand panel of the menu.
  6. Privacy
  7. Now on the Privacy settings, click on ‘people in my Contact list only’ on the ‘Allows calls from…’ options.
  8. ContactList
  9. Click on ‘Save’.
  10. SavePrivacy

From then on, you will no longer be bothered by unknown callers soliciting information or running scams.

Other things you need to know:

  1. Skype releases regular updates for its PC and mobile applications to enhance the software and offer great new features. Skype offers an excellent option to keep web users safe by allowing them to block an annoying person, or prevent strangers from calling a user.
  2. Another option to stop an irritating person from calling you is to block them – by navigating to the Contacts panel, picking out the contact on your list, right-clicking and selecting option ‘Block this person’. Callers on your recent list can also be blocked one-by-one using the same method.

Using the options to prevent unknown callers from contacting you (calls, messages, video calls or voice messages) can guarantee that your family is safe from Skype’s vicious internet elements.

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