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How To Make Another Blog On The Same Tumblr Account


You can create multiple blogs using the Tumblr platform. Although creating multiple blogs is rare on other bloggers, some utilize multiple blogs for their own purposes such as link wheel purposes and other SEO stuff.

Either way, you can make another blog on the same Tumblr account as easy as shooting a fish in a barrel.

Tumblr, like Blogger.com, allows its users to create multiple blogs under a single Tumblr account. This allows the user to create a single email address for multiple blogs that he or she created.

Unfortunately, some users still don’t know how to create another blog on the same Tumblr account. In addition to that, hundreds of tutorials on how to create multiple blogs under a single Tumblr account are already outdated and misleading the newbie users.

To help the current Tumblr bloggers out there, here is an up-to-date guide on how to make another blog using the same Tumblr account.

Creating Another Tumblr Blog Under The Same Account

  1. Access Your Tumblr Account. To make another blog on the same Tumblr account, you must first log in as a Tumblr user.

  2. Select “Create A New Blog” From The Drop-Down List Of Blogs Or you may simply click here. At the upper-right corner of the Tumblr Dashboard, click the drop-down blog list. Select the “Create a new blog” option. You will then be redirected to the next page where you will input your blog’s details.

    Select Create A New Blog
  3. Fill In The Blog Information. Type the information for your new blog. Input the blog’s title and URL. Tumblr also gives you an option to create a password for your new blog in order to protect it from other users.

    Fill in The Blog Info on Tumblr
  4. Click “Create blog” Button. Finally, after filling in the details necessary, click the “Create blog” button and you're done!

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