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How To Register A Domain Name


Having the right domain name is one of the strategies to be successful on the Internet. The domain name is the name you will find in your URL and it plays a vital role when it comes to internet marketing. Of course, there are many website hosts out there that will enable you to own a website instantly and absolutely free of cost. But the problem is that your domain name will include the name of the website host. For example, instead of having yourcompany.com, you will end up having yourcompany.wordpress.com in case you’re working with a host server.

Having your own domain name is very important if you want to increase your level of professionalism. This means that your website will be perceived as independent, reliable, and more credible.

But how do you exactly register your domain name? This question is what we will seek to answer through this post. Here are the basic steps you need to perform to achieve this.

Step 1: Determine your domain name

Obviously, your domain name should describe your website in the most concise way. This is important so that search engines can easily recognize what your website is all about. A good domain name is also easy to read and remember. You should have a couple of alternative domain names ready with you in case your primary domain name is already taken.

Step 2: Choose your domain’s suffix

The domain’s suffix is also known as the Top Level Domain (TLD). This is the extension of your domain name. Aside from the most common extension .com, you can also choose .net, .biz, .info, .org, and others. Each of these suffixes has its own function and purpose. With the use of suffix, you can still use a domain name that is already taken. For example, in .com TLD, since it is the most common extension, your desired domain name may already be taken. Thus, switching to other extension will allow you to use the same domain name. Of course, this can be very confusing for people because your domain names are just one extension away. Therefore, avoid this scenario as much as possible.

Step 3: Make sure your chosen domain name is not taken

You must be certain that the domain name you chose doesn’t exist. If this is the case, you will be forced to look for alternative names. Good thing that most domain registration companies will assist you to find the right domain name by checking the Internet for its availability. In case it is already taken, they will give you suggestions instead.

You can also use Check Domain to determine if your domain name is registered or still available.

Step 4: Choose a domain registrar company

Now that you already have your domain name, look for a domain registrar company. During the process, make sure that you chose a registrar company that is reputable and have already established a good name. Remember that you will most probably be working with a company for a very long time. This means they should be reliable, credible, and very effective in maintaining your website. For this reason, I strongly recommend Namecheap.com as one of the best choices when looking for a domain registrar company. You should also use coupons to make some discount.

Step 5: Payment

The cost of registering a domain name may vary from one registrar company to another. You can even register a domain name in as low as $10 per year. The price for registering a domain name may get more expensive as you add more services and features. Usually, you need a credit card pay the registration company. You can also pay through PayPal and other online payment methods. After you paid for the domain name, you can ask the company to temporarily set up a website for you so that you can already “reserve” the name and no one can take it anymore.

Having a domain name is really important. Therefore, you need to carefully follow the steps I mentioned above. Basically, these are the steps to register your domain name. If you have questions or concerns, please let us know by leaving a message below.

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