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How-to: Create And Assign Post Categories In Wordpress

Categories are a great way to organize and group related posts together. Plus, it will be easier for your visitors to tell what your content is about. To learn how to create and organize your categories on Wordpress, here's how:

Create & Assign Categories to Your Posts

1. Creating Categories

  1. Login to your admin panel (Wordpress dashboard). Login to your Wordpress Dashboard
  2. From your left sidebar, click "Posts" from the menu and then click "Categories". Create categories
  3. Now you're ready to add a new category. Add the display name and the URL name. For example, your category name is "Blogging Tips", then the slug name would be "blogging tips" (must be in lowercase and keep it short). You can choose a parent category but it's not necessary. As for the description, you can write a description too but it's not prominent by default. As long as you have the category name and slug, you should be fine. Create categories
  4. Done? Click "Add New Category" button.

2. Assigning Categories To Your Blog Posts

  1. When you create a post, find the "Categories" area at the right sidebar. Check the categories you want to use. Here's how I did mine: Assign Categories


  • Try to keep your category names "short" and "specific". Make sure your visitors will easily understand what these are.
  • You can always assign one or more categories.
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