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How-to: Install A Seo Plugin In Wordpress

One of the best ways to build traffic to your blog is attracting the search engines. It means, you should optimize your posts for the search engines as well. To do this, you need a SEO plugin installed on your blog to make it easy for you to apply SEO on your posts.

I recommend using Wordpress SEO by Yoast - it's free and they have almost everything you need to enhance your site for the search engines. Now I'm going to teach you the basics on how to install this plugin and how to configure your posts to make them search friendly.

Install A Seo Plugin On Wordpress

HOW-TO: Add SEO plugin on Wordpress

  1. Login > "Plugins" > "Add New". Wordpress SEO
  2. Type "Wordpress SEO" in the search box. Type Wordpress SEO
  3. Now a list of SEO plugins will show up. Install the "Wordpress SEO by Yoast", which you should find at the very top of the list. Type Wordpress SEO
  4. Click the "Activate Plugin".
  5. To configure the settings, click the "SEO" menu from the left side. A list of settings will show up.Configure Wordpress SEO
  6. For example, you choose to edit your Titles and Metas (browser title). Select "Titles and Metas" from the menu > click "Home" > modify the Homepage title and meta description. Modify Wordpress SEO title and metas

Applying SEO on your posts

Now when you make a new post or a new page, you should see a "Wordpress SEO by Yoast" below the main editor. Take a look at this screenshot to see where the SEO editor is located: Wordpress SEO

Now, when people see your page on the search engines, here's how it's going to look like:

Meta title and descriptions in search engines

The SEO title is called "Meta title", while the description is the "Meta description". So by adding a custom (and descriptive) title and meta description, you make it easier for the search engines to find your content.

Keep in mind, your meta title and meta description must be unique, descriptive and not spammy. You should add at least one important keyword on your meta tags. The recommended length for meta description is less than 160 characters.

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