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How-to: Auto Nofollow All External Links In Wordpress

This functionality enables search engines to ignore all external links in a fast and effortless manner.

In this post, you'll learn how to nofollow ALL external links using a plugin. I added photos as well for easy comprehension. Let's get started:

Auto Nofollow Wordpress External Links

Auto Unfollow External Links on Wordpress

  1. First off, login to your dashboard. Select "Plugins" > "Add New". Add the plugin to your Wordpress
  2. Search for the plugin, type "Nofollow" and click "Search Plugins" button. Type NoFollow
  3. Find the Follow Nofollow Control plugin by Tran Cuong, and click "Install Now". It's most likely located on the 3rd spot. Here's an example: Install NoFollow
  4. Now activate the plugin. Activate the plugin
  5. Now we're going to configure the settings to make sure you have all external links are nofollow. Go to "Settings" and select "Follow-Nofollow". Go to Settings then Follow-Nofollow
  6. Check the "Nofollow" option, and click "Save Changes". Check NoFollow option
  7. You're done!


  • With this plugin, you can "follow" some links by adding the links you want followed on the Follow domain area.
  • If you're looking for a great alternative to this plugin, you can use this one.

How do I make sure that all external links are nofollow?

  1. View a blog post with an external link. Right click > select "View Page Source" View Page Source
  2. Press CTRL + F from your keyboard and search for the external domain name. For example, I'm searching for twelveskip.com, see how there's a rel="nofollow"? Look for external links

All settled! Super easy, right?

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