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HOW-TO: Display Archives Links To Your Sidebar In Wordpress

I know how Wordpress can be overwhelming especially when you're a newbie. It can be confusing and frustrated at times. This is why I'm writing this post, you will learn how to display the links to your archives a.k.a the links to your older posts in your Wordpress' sidebar. I've also added example screenshots to make it easier for you to understand the process. Here's an example of how it will look like:

Wordpress Archives

See those links?

Show Archives in Wordpress

  1. Login to your Wordpress account.
  2. Find the "Appearance" menu from the left sidebar of your dashboard > select "Widgets".
  3. Drag the "Archives" widget to the primary sidebar area.
  4. Configure its settings. Add a title. Check the "Display as dropdown" if you want it to be shown as a dropdown menu. Click "Show post counts" if you want to display the number of posts.
  5. Click the "Save" (blue button) when done.
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