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How-to: 301 Redirect In Wordpress

Do you have an old URL that you want to redirect to a new one? Or a broken URL that needs to be redirected to a new page?Here's how you can do it using a simple Wordpress plugin:

  1. Go to "Plugins" > "Add New". Go to plugins
  2. Search for "SEO Redirection". Search for SEO Redirection
  3. Click "Install Now". Click Install Now
  4. Click "Activate". Click Activate
  5. Now go to "Settings" > "SEO Redirection". Go to Settings
  6. Click "Add New" button Click Add New
  7. Now add the broken or old URL on the first field called "Redirect from", then add the new URL on the "Redirect to" field. For example, I am redirecting http://www.duhgeek.com/this-is-broken to http://www.duhgeek.com. Add redirects
  8. Click the blue button called "Add New".
  9. Now test the old URL and see if it's redirecting to the new one.

You're officially done!

If you have the Wordpress SEO by Yoast plugin..

If you have Wordpress SEO by Yoast, you can also use it to do 301 redirect so you don't have to install another new plugin. But you need to be a little more careful though. Here's how you can redirect .

  1. Go to "SEO" from the left sidebar menu.
  2. Edit the .htaccess file.
  3. Add a line like this one: Redirect 301 http://www.duhgeek.com/this-is-broken http://www.duhgeek.com/this-is-new
  4. Replace the URLs with your own. Replace the first URL with the old URL you want to redirect and then replace the 2nd URL with the new URL.
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